Financial Writer & Editor

Tracey Franks

My career has taken me from a Wall Street trading room to an internal branding agency for a large corporation. Today, I work independently with CEOs and other C-Suite executives, financial advisors, and business owners to produce high-quality, professional content. The industries I work with include wealth management (brick & mortar/digital), real estate (commercial, luxury residential, investment), and investment banking (fintech).

I often collaborate with graphic designers, web developers, UX teams and creative directors, which gives me an in-depth understanding of the entire creative process. When I was in J-School, faculty and colleagues pointed out my unique skill set—I can do the numbers and write about them. I’m also adept at translating financial lingo into easily understood messaging. Add a layer of marketing and branding expertise to the mix, and you have Words & Money.

What I enjoy most about my work is seeing the successful results of my writing. That could be a well-received executive communication or a bump in business from a blog post shared on social media. 

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