“Treat your writing like you're packing a carry-on. Lay everything out and then cut it in half.”

- Lis Korb, Director of Content and Marketing, AdventureSmith Explorations

No second chances to make a first impression

Have you ever read something and had to re-read it to understand what the writer is saying? How about opening a web page for a professional product or service and finding basic spelling and grammar errors? Both of these problems diminish the credibility of the person or business the writing represents. An editor’s goal is to make sure the content you produce communicates what you want to say clearly and concisely—making that first impression a remarkable one.

Why it pays to work with an editing professional

An editor is that essential second set of eyes for your writing. I love it when someone edits my work because they spot inconsistencies, fix style issues, improve clarity and generally make my writing better. Copyeditors work behind the scenes to:

  • Identify ambiguity, repetition, or wordiness
  • Spot missing information, bias in your writing, or inconsistent logic
  • Fix errors in spelling, punctuation, voice, or grammar
  • Use an objective eye to see what your reader sees

Working with an editor elevates your content by providing invaluable feedback for improvement. Think of editing as a necessary professional service your business needs to grow and thrive.

Editing is more than finding misspelled words

Content editing ranges from simple to complex. Developmental editing can help take a rough draft to final draft through restructuring, reorganization, and revision. Substantive editing digs deeper by assessing completed content to eliminate weak spots and strengthen the message. Copyediting is a line-by-line read that looks for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and more. Proofreading is a more accurate version of spell-check that can identify errors in formatting or consistency as well as in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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